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God, homeschool and living on an island in Alaska

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Hi everyone! I’m Becky Stewart, daughter  of God,  wife to an amazing Godly  man, and homeschooling momma of 3 teens and 1 graduate.  We’ve homeschooled our 4 children since 2006. We live on Kodiak Island with our dogs, chickens, and parrot, with the occasional visit from deer and the bears.  

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Welcome and thanks for stopping by!  I decided to start this blog to let people know about my little bit of paradise, with all its  wonderful beauty and people and the challenges of its remoteness. We can only be reached by plane or boat, so can you imagine the difficulties in shopping? We have a old fashioned Walmart, not a Super Walmart, and a Safeway.  There are quite a few local shops that I love to shop at, as well as Amazon, when you find places that will ship to Alaska. Yes, we are a part of the United States! 

  I homeschool my children,  13, 14, & 15 yo, my oldest graduated earlier this year and is working with her dad and grandpa for their businesses as their apprentice to learn Mechanical work and marine electrical work.  We enjoy dirt bikes, hiking ( we have great trails), being creative, shooting (not hunting, we go to a range), and serving in church. My honey is the Youth Leader and song Leader, my oldest, Torri, teaches the nursery Sunday School class, my second oldest, Winona, helps with Children’s Church, and we all go to the Elder House to sing, read, play with the residents. 

  Over time, I will share some of my favorite recipes, some healthy, some not so much ;). I’ll also be sharing some essential oils, I’m with Young Living. And definitely be sharing my favorite school ideas and craft projects . 

Thanks for stopping by 💜

Enjoy reading my blog!