The green update

Posted by on September 16, 2009 at 7:17 pm.

You know, I have actually been trying very hard to be green. 


Remember, I had these great New Year’s Resolutions back in January. Here is what I’ve been able to do (for the most part):

  • I have been using my Trader Joe’s for groceries and other shopping when I remember to take them. Ahem, it is getting easier to remember to take them with me. 
  • I bought glass pyrex dishes… not plastic… for our sack lunches, which I have been making in an attempt to save money and climb out of debt. 
  • I bought some Kleen Kanteens.
  • {For ladies’ interest only: I’ve switched feminine products and now I use a Diva cup and some cute feminine napkins that I acquired on Etsy. (It feels great to have an empty trash can during that time of month!)}

So I really wanted to join the “Ditch the Disposables” initiative. I have had a hard time thinking of something ELSE to do. I had sort of fallen off the bandwagon on using paper napkins. So I’m going to work on using cloth napkins, AND I’m going to try to avoid using Ziplock plastic bags. I have a very difficult time on that one! I’m going to have to find an alternative.

PS: On another green note, my latest “green” obsession has to do with making my own cleaning solutions instead of toxic chemicals! Lindsay’s natural housecleaning carnival inspired me. Maybe I will get around to blogging more about that soon!

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